M&Ms Halloween Rescue!

A recent survey from Mars finds that close to half of Americans have worried about running out of candy for trick-or-treaters. That may be related to the fact that 89% admit they’ve eaten at least some of the candy they planned to give out on Halloween. M&M’s understands that this is a huge concern and they’re doing something to make sure it doesn’t happen.

This year, they’re deploying their first ever M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad to help those at risk of running out of candy on Halloween night. Whether you miscalculated how many kiddos would be ringing your doorbell or hit your candy stash harder than you meant to, the squad will be ready to bring more treats.

Starting at 3p.m. ET on October 31st, they’ll be on call to deliver Mars candy across the country to participating locations. The Halloween Rescue Squad will work with GoPuff to bring a fresh candy supply in less than an hour and the best part? It’s totally free! So if the candy bowl needs a refill, just visit the squad’s site to request more.

Source: All Recipes

And just for fun...here's a Halloween M&M commercial for you:)~Karla

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