Strangers honor a veteran

Robert Stephens, Jr honorably served his country in the Army for three years and was discharged in 1976, having been recognized for his marksmanship. He also received the National Defense Service Medal for serving during a period of national emergency. Sadly, when the veteran passed away last month, he left behind no surviving family and there was no one to notify of his passing or his funeral.

But thanks to the Veterans Administration’s “Final Mile Promising Practice” program, members of the community were notified and rallied to give Stephens the proper sendoff he deserved. Despite most who attended not knowing him, more than 100 people showed up to Stephens’ funeral in Wichita, Kansas.

Funeral Director Paul Edmiston was pleased with the turnout and called it an honor to take care of Stephens. “We are happy to do this for him,” Edmiston adds, “He served his country well and we want to serve him well.” And VA specialist laina Reyes believes they gave Stephens a fitting farewell, saying, “I think we sent him off right and I think he’s going to be watching over the rest of his brothers and sisters.”

Source: KWCH

And for all of our fallen..."Taps" ~Karla

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