Act of Kindness gets $1K

After work, Craig Paulk, of San Antonio, Texas, likes to stop by Long John Silver’s for some familiar comfort food that reminds him of his youth. Having had a front tooth break a few years ago, Paulk has a partial denture, which he’s always careful to wrap up in a napkin and set on the table while he eats.

A few weeks ago, Paulk had finished up his meal and was out in his car getting ready to leave when he realized that he’d mistakenly thrown his denture away. Concerned about the $600 replacement cost, he rushed back to the restaurant and asked manager, Stella Magano, if he could grab the garbage bag and take it so he could retrieve his denture, but she wouldn’t have it. Despite his protests, the 62-year-old manager put on some gloves and sifted through the garbage herself.

Magano found Paulk’s denture and returned it to him, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Earlier this week he returned to the restaurant with TV reporter Ryan Wolf, host of the “CASH FOR KINDNESS” segment on Fox SA. Wolf surprised Magano with $1,000 as a reward for her selfless act of kindness. A teary-eyed Magano was grateful for the recognition, saying, "No one's ever done this before. And it’s great."


Ellen used to do "cash for kindness" too, so always be kind. You never know when it will pay off BIG. ~Karla

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