75 Mom Challenge

There’s a new health and wellness challenge that was designed just for mothers as a spin-off of the popular 75 Hard Challenge. That one tested participants’ “mental toughness” with a strict diet and exercising twice a day, along with some other rules, for 75 days, and if you missed any of them, you had to start over at day one. And we recently told you about the “75 Hotter” challenge, which claims it can get you in shape - both mentally and physically - over 10 weeks.

And now we’ve got the “75 Mom” challenge, which was co-created by fitness TikToker Brittany Rinkin with busy moms in mind. “The biggest difference between 75 Mom and every other challenge is we took out the feeling of failing,” she explains. “If a day wasn’t perfect we just did our best and started fresh the next day.” To complete 75 mom, women have to:

  • Exercise for 45 minutes every day
  • Do 45 minutes of housework
  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Shower
  • Read 10 pages of a book
  • Stick to a healthy eating plan
  • And do all of this for 75 days in a row

According to Rinkin, the overall goal of 75 Mom is “to create healthy sustainable habits that make us feel in control of our lives and proud of ourselves. She and the other co-creator, known only as Summer, say this challenge helps set attainable goals for busy parents who feel too overwhelmed or have too many responsibilities to do other 75-day challenges.

Source: NY Post

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