Find a Friendsgiving crew for the Holidays!

While Halloween is the holiday most of us are focused on right now, Thanksgiving will be here soon, so it’s time to start making plans. And a surprising new collaboration is here to help.

A recent study from Bumble finds that more than half of respondents want to expand their social circles, so the dating app wants to lend a hand. Bumble for Friends, their section for platonic relationships, is teaming up with Butterball, the turkey brand to launch a Friendsgiving-planning feature.

  • With the Friendsgiving feature, users can match with other people looking for Turkey Day plans with friends.
  • It will allow users to join someone’s Friendsgving, find friends to invite to their own holiday gathering, or collaborate to co-host a Friendsgiving with new pals.
  • The Friendsgiving feature will be available starting November 1st.
  • Butterball and Bumble are also hosting several in-person and virtual gatherings ahead of the holiday where guests can meet new friends and get cooking tips from Butterball’s team of Turkey Talk-Line experts.

"Every year we help first-time and veteran cooks to present a meal that's 'chef's kiss,'" says Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert Tyler Loranger. "And now, with Bumble For Friends, we're helping people to expand their social networks, to integrate them into these settings, and celebrate togetherness around the holidays."

Source: Bumble

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