Chewy saves Halloween

On Halloween night in West Allis, Wisconsin, a funny and heartwarming story unfolded when a mom named Amy LaRoque, dressed as a pineapple, found herself in a tricky situation. LaRoque, who uses a motorized wheelchair due to ongoing health issues, was taking her three-year-old son trick-or-treating when her wheelchair suddenly stopped working just four blocks into their adventure. Stranded in the middle of the road and worried about oncoming traffic, the mom was in a panic.

Luckily, Michael Myers and Chewbacca were watching from nearby. David Tabaka, dressed as Chewbacca, noticed LaRoque's predicament and sprang into action. He asked if she was okay, and when she explained her wheelchair had run out of batteries, Tabaka didn't hesitate to help.

Dressed in his giant Chewbaca costume, he pushed LaRoque and her son all the way home, covering four full blocks while cars honked and people waved. The humor of the situation wasn’t lost on Tabaka. "Yeah, it was kind of comical,” he says, “People were blowing the horn, and I was waiving.” But he didn’t mind and just wanted to help out a neighbor, saying, “You have to do good for people. Karma always comes back.”

Source: CBS 58

Meanwhile...if you haven't seen "Chewbacca Mom", it's hilarious :)~Karla

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