Loneliest Sheep rescued

A sheep named Fiona, often referred to as Britain's loneliest sheep, has been successfully rescued from a remote shoreline in the Scottish Highlands. Fiona had been stranded at the base of cliffs along the Cromarty Firth for over two years, and previous attempts to rescue her were deemed too complex. However, a group of five farmers, led by sheep shearer Cammy Wilson, took it upon themselves to save her. They used heavy equipment to haul her up a steep slope and plan to shear her overgrown fleece before handing her over to a farm park.

Wilson, who organized the rescue, was inspired to act after seeing media coverage of Fiona's plight. He says that she’s in good condition and will be relocated to a special place where people could visit her regularly. Wilson also defends the farmer whose flock Fiona came from, explaining that he had made previous rescue attempts but couldn't do so safely.

The rescue mission for Fiona was initiated by a kayaker who had come across her in 2021 and was shocked to find her still stranded two years later. A petition calling for her rescue gathered over 52-thousand signatures. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of Fiona’s rescuers, her story now has a positive outcome as she will receive the care she needs in her new home.

Source: BBC

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