15 year old saves a life

On Thanksgiving Day, Madison Atkinson, a 15-year-old from Northridge, California, heroically saved the life of her three-year-old cousin, Maxine, after the toddler fell into a pool. The whole incident, which took place at a relatives home in the community north of Los Angeles, was caught on home surveillance.

Maxine was thought to be playing inside, but was actually in the backyard playing near the pool by herself when she fell in and nearly drowned. The toddler’s uncle discovered her laying face down in the pool and jumped in, pulling her to the deck. Several relatives were present, but didn’t know what to do until Madison stepped in, taking over the situation and starting CPR on the child.

Madison, a high school sophomore studying sports medicine, was the only person present with CPR training. Thanks to the teen’s quick thinking and CPR training she received in school, Maxine was revived and has since fully recovered. Madison’s stepfather, Damian Gilbert, expressed immense pride in her ability to take charge and save a life, a moment he says he’ll never forget.

Source: ABC 7

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