Strange jobs that make $$$$$

We can’t all be surgeons, rocket scientists and CEOs, but it turns out, you can earn a decent salary doing jobs you may have never even known existed. Redditors are revealing some of them in a post that asks, “What are weird jobs that nobody knows about but they pay well?” Thousands of people have chimed in and these are some of the top responses.

  • "My aunt and her daughter both do seasonal work as hand pollinators and harvesters. Certain types of plants (saffron, vanilla orchids) have very small windows of time when you can pollinate or harvest from them (a couple of hours to a half day) so the growers need people who can work fast and delicately to hand pollinate or harvest whatever plant they are growing."
  • "I had a boyfriend who got state wages for going into back woods and down dirt roads to find trash people dumped. His job was to report the trash for others to clean up, but most importantly, he had to sift through it to find anything that would identify who dumped the trash."
  • "I once met a professional ice sculptor who made a killing at corporate events and weddings. It's a niche skill, but the pay is pretty impressive!"
  • "My sister-in-law is 'the nose' for Yankee Candle. When a vat of scented wax is ready, she sniffs it."
  • "I make teeth on a computer. I use a CAD/CAM program to design crowns and bridges for dental laboratories. I work remotely and do pretty well."
  • "My dad was a master flavorist. He made artificial flavors for candy, beverages, and lots of other things. He made a LOT of money during his career."
  • "You ever heard of an urban bat tracker? That's me. My job is a blend of science and solitude. Armed with detectors that translate bat echolocation into something audible, I map their flight, study their behavior, and contribute to research that's vital for urban ecosystem conservation."
  • "An old neighbor of mine was a picture-hanging specialist contracted by many museums. He made $75K a year at the time (about $150K, adjusted for inflation)."
  • "I'm a trash man. I get paid well to work out."
  • "Pet food companies have a staff of human people to taste test the food. For obvious reasons, this pays pretty well, I hear."
  • "Air traffic control doesn’t need a degree and does pretty well. There are downsides, but with the extra pay, I do almost $200K. Also, I can retire with a pension at 50."

Source: Reddit

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