Neighbors and TikTok adopt a family in need

Colin McConnell noticed that his neighbor in his Detroit duplex, Donald Wilson, a father of three, was looking tired and overwhelmed. When he asked him how he was doing, Wilson said his children would be around more since their mother had just passed away. McConnell noticed that the kids didn’t have proper winter clothing and he wanted to do something to help his neighbor. With Wilson’s permission, McConnell created an Amazon wish list for the kids and shared their story on TikTok.

His expectations were pretty low, but the response to his TikTok post was overwhelming. The day after McConnell posted the TikTok, he woke up to find hundreds of boxes of donations from people around the world on his porch. The outpouring of support deeply touched Wilson, who initially struggled with accepting the gifts but eventually felt a sense of family and support from the global community.

The kindness from the TikTok community has greatly helped Wilson's children, HonestyPoetry, and Donald Jr, to face their first Christmas without their mom. McConnell and the dad are planning to have Santa deliver the gifts and intend to donate some to local nonprofits. Wilson feels like his children’s mother is somehow behind the support from strangers worldwide, saying, “It’s like she’s a guardian angel speaking to us from all of you."

Source: WXYZ

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