Taylor Swift was a backup dancer

We all have to start somewhere. Does anyone remember when Taylor Swift was a backup singer/dancer for Brad Paisley? Anyone? Well, Brad does - and he reminded Taylor and the world about it yesterday.

December 13 is Taylor's birthday, and as a shoutout on her special day, Brad posted a Tik Tok and tagged her in it. The video was of actor Jason Alexander (as Paisley) on stage for Brad's hit "Online." Alongside him, singing and dancing, were Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift.

Brad and Taylor go way back, with Taylor opening for Brad on his 2007 "Bonfires and Amplifiers" tour. And while Taylor never was actually a backup singer for Brad, she did play one in the music video. Brad captioned the Tik Tok, ""Happy Birthday Taylor Swift! Thanks for being a background singer in one of my music videos all those years ago!"

Check out the awesome original video to the right. 

Source: WhiskeyRiff

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