Hero saves Mom and Daughter from flooded car

In the aftermath of severe storms in England last week, Liam Stych, a 28-year-old dad from Birmingham became a hero by rescuing a woman and her three-year-old daughter from a sinking car. The incident occurred when their vehicle was swept into a flooded river, and Stych could hear the driver’s desperate cries for help.

Acting quickly, Stych dangled off the footbridge, grabbed the woman’s toddler and handed her off to his girlfriend. Next he busted out the car's rear windows and used ratchet straps to secure the car to the bridge, preventing it from sinking further. He then braved the rushing water to help the woman get safely out of the vehicle and on to dry land.

The West Midlands Police are hailing Stych as a hero, but he humbly says he was just doing what was needed to prevent a tragedy. Although the woman lost her car and belongings, she is grateful for his help in saving her and her daughter.


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