Man shovels snow for LOTS of neighbors

Caldwell, Idaho, resident Tanner Sypert has taken it upon himself to shovel snow for his neighbors in need during the winter season. Concerned about the challenges of snow removal for the most vulnerable members of his community, he offered his help through a local social media group page, and his post has led to lots of requests, keeping him pretty busy. So busy, in fact, that he’s lost count of the number of walkways he’s shoveled.

Focusing on helping those with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone requiring assistance, Sypert has refused any payment for his services, only accepting hot cocoa as a token of gratitude. And his work has inspired others in the community to join in on the acts of kindness, like neighbors David and Bree who have been spending their spare time contributing to the effort, further motivating Sypert.

His initiative is not only providing some practical help to Caldwell’s residents, but is helping to foster a sense of community spirit and cooperation. As word is getting out, Sypert is hopeful about recruiting more volunteers to expand his "Shovel Up Caldwell" initiative. He encourages anyone interested to reach out to him to join the cause.

Source: KTVB

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