Honey Do's

After retiring and losing his wife, 76-year-old Vietnam War veteran Danny Chauvin from Waveland, Mississippi, found himself with too much free time and struggled with depression and PTSD. To combat loneliness and keep busy, he decided to offer his handyman services for free. He posted a message on social media, offering help with "honey-do jobs," and the response has been overwhelming.

Chauvin now spends his days performing various household tasks for people in need, mostly women who are single or widowed. He doesn’t charge for his services, which are greatly appreciated by those he’s helped with small tasks like fixing showers, hanging porch swings, and repairing closet doors. After he’s completed his work, he takes a picture with the “customer” as a reminder that he’s not alone in his struggles.

Through his selfless acts, Chauvin has earned the nickname "Honey-Do Dude." And while he’s providing practical help to people in need in his community, he feels like he’s gaining something from the work: improved mental health. His PTSD seems to be showing signs of improvement since he began offering free handyman work and he’s also gained a lot of new friends.

Source: CBS NEWS

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