Flowers Forever

Every Valentine's Day, Diana Maver, 77, receives flowers from her late husband John, who passed away more than six years ago. The tradition brings her immense joy, as it symbolizes the everlasting love they shared throughout their 47-year marriage. Despite John's passing, his thoughtful gesture of sending flowers annually continues to touch Diana's heart.

John's daughter, Marilee Heard, says the bouquet arrives with the same card every year, a reminder of her parents' enduring love. The gesture reflects John's commitment to his wife, as he arranged for the flowers to be delivered every year for the rest of her life. The flowers bring happiness to Diana and serve as a testament to the couple's belief in a forever love.

According to Heard, her parents often spoke about the concept of eternal love and unity. Even as John neared the end of his life, he told his wife that their experiences would continue together, even if he was no longer physically present. Their enduring love shows that love can transcend life and death, and it deeply affects those around them.


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