Semi driver rescued from bridge

A semi-truck driver was safely rescued from her vehicle as it dangled off a Kentucky bridge after a multi-vehicle crash on Friday. The incident occurred around noon on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville. The driver and another person involved in the crash were taken to a local hospital and later reported to be in stable condition.

First responders, including the Louisville Fire Department, arrived at the scene within minutes to begin the daring rescue operation. More than two dozen firefighters were involved and used an aerial ladder and a pulley system to safely retrieve the trapped driver. Firefighter Bryce Carden, who specializes in high-angle rescues, rappelled down to the truck’s cab and successfully brought the driver back to safety.

During the rescue, the driver remained calm and cooperative, following Carden's instructions to ensure her safe extraction from the vehicle. Both Fire Chief Brian O'Neill and Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg praised the efforts of Carden and the other first responders, hailing them as "serious heroes" for their brave actions in saving the driver's life.

Source: PEOPLE

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