Man rescued after 10 hours in the snow

A Colorado man got stuck in last week’s snow storm and got rescued after 10 hours. Bren Wilson was trying to plow a path down a road Thursday when his tractor got stuck. Daughter Kyla called her dad after not hearing from him. She explains "He just sounded exhausted and a bit of panic in his voice, which is just completely not like him.” Wilson was in five feet of snow.

Luckily, the Alpine Rescue Team had worked throughout the day rescuing people stuck in the storm. They headed out on the long trip on skis and brought Wilson to a local hospital. He was treated for hypothermia and he was released on Friday.

Kyla says ‘I don't think there's ever going to be a way for me to repay that debt to all of those people who worked so hard all night to get to him." She is now raising money to help pay for her dad's medical expenses and to support the Alpine Rescue Team.

Source: ABC Denver

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