How Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman came together

Luke Combs sat down with the "God's Country" podcast people for over two hours, talking about all manner of things. One subject that came up was the epic "Fast Car" duet with Tracy Chapman on the GRAMMY awards, considered by many to be the highlight of the evening. Luke was on record in the months prior to the awards as saying he and Tracy had no contact about him covering the song. So how did the duet come about? Especially with Chapman being notoriously retired. It took some doing, Luke said. "She’s hard to get in touch with for a reason. She doesn’t want to be in touch with, I think. You know what I mean? I can’t speak for her. But that’s what I would think. I don’t even think she has a manager or anything, like, any kind of any of that, like, traditional channels, connections to the business…"

Eventually contact was made by Luke's people, and a call was arranged. Luke was at home when Chapman eventually phoned, and the pair talked for over 40 minutes. "I fangirled for sure, asking her about how’d you make this record and why’d you decide to do this, which is awesome to get, to have know, you hardly ever get to have those conversations with people that you admire. And so that was really cool, man. And I feel like we just connected on that call. And she agreed to do it. A few weeks later, she agreed to do it. Flew out to Los Angeles on a Tuesday. Obviously, the show was on Sunday. We rehearsed for a couple of days. Just that, just to get it right, get it perfect." And it was perfect, by anyone's standard. 

Check out the entire "God's Country" episode with Luke Combs hereAnd as a reminder, check out the now-legendary duet from this year's GRAMMY awards to the right

Source: WhiskeyRiff

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