Pilot flies family and friends to a retirement party in Hawaii

Delta Airlines pilot Keith Rosenkranz recently celebrated his retirement with a special flight to Hawaii. The veteran pilot spent a year’s pay chartering an Airbus A330neo to treat 112 of his closest friends and loved ones to a trip of a lifetime. The journey began at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, with guests including Delta staff, school friends, and colleagues from the pilot's time in the Air Force.

Reflecting on his career, Rosenkranz expressed gratitude for his friends and the impact aviation had on his life, starting with his first flight from LAX as a young passenger. He documented every moment of his final flight on social media, from preparations to landing, demonstrating the passion for flight that has been such a big part of his life.

Once they arrived in Hawaii, the celebrations continued as Rosenkranz renewed his wedding vows with his wife Colette, wearing the same yellow Hawaiian shirt he wore when they first met in 1977. With 46 years of memories, Rosenkranz's retirement marked the end of a remarkable career which has led to many cherished experiences.and relationships.


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