FedEx Hero stops a house fire

A FedEx delivery driver named April Chacon became a hero when she spotted a fire in a neighborhood in Horizon City, Texas. She noticed smoke during her usual rounds and quickly realized it was a house fire. Without hesitation, she called 911 and alerted the homeowners while using a nearby water hose to try to contain the fire.

Evelyn Diaz, the homeowner, expressed gratitude for Chacon's quick thinking and bravery. The driver, who’s been a FedEx courier for nearly a decade, says she takes pride in looking out for the residents on her route. She could have just called for help, but instead she actually tried to extinguish the fire, showing how much she cares about the safety of the neighborhood.

The fire caused damage to the home's gas meter, chimney, living room, and kitchen, but fortunately, no one was injured. The Diaz family, deeply appreciative of Chacon's and others' efforts, is currently staying in a hotel while repairs are underway. Despite the setback, they’re optimistic and thankful for the support they received following the incident.

Source: KFOX TV

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