7 year old raises $ to pay for her mom's tombstone

Last week, Scottsboro, Alabama, seven-year-old Emouree Johnson set up a lemonade stand at her house, not just to make money, but to raise money for a tombstone for her mother, Karli, who passed away last month at the age of 29. The lemonade stand quickly gained attention and customers, raising $10-thousand, with the community rallying around her cause.

Emouree's grandmother, Jennifer Bordner, shares that the community's support was overwhelming, with donations pouring in and hundreds of people visiting the stand. The community's generosity allowed Emouree to purchase a tombstone for her mother, which is going a long way to helping the family heal after their loss.

Still reeling from the tragedy of losing her mom, Emouree found comfort and purpose in her lemonade stand, and felt like she was honoring her mother's memory and doing something that would have made her proud. Bordner is thankful to the community for their support, saying that it’s had a positive impact on Emouree during a difficult time in her life.


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