9 year old gives his only dollar to a Millionaire

When nine-year-old Kelvin Ellis Jr saw a man standing outside a Baton Rouge coffee shop in his pajamas, he thought the man was homeless and went up to him to offer the man his only dollar. But the man wasn’t homeless, he was Matt Busbice, the owner of a local sporting goods store who was outside after a fire alarm at his condo building forced him to evacuate in the early morning. Despite the mix-up, Busbice was deeply touched by the boy’s kind gesture.

Kelvin, who earned the dollar for good grades just days before, wasn't looking for any kind of reward when he gave it away, he just wanted to help someone in need. Busbice was moved by the act of kindness and invited Kelvin for a snack. He then met Kelvin’s father and offered the kindhearted boy a shopping trip at his sporting goods store.

During the shopping spree, Kelvin had 40 seconds to choose anything he wanted from the store and ended up with some clothes and a new bike. Although he was grateful for the gifts, he says the real joy came from helping someone. Inspired by his new friend’s compassion, Busbice says that the experience has restored his faith in humanity and reminded him of the importance of giving to others.

Source: NY POST

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