Wedding Surprise!

Earlier this month as she was getting ready for her wedding, Helena Morgan received a heartwarming surprise, when her younger brother, Army Sergeant William Watson, unexpectedly arrived to walk her down the aisle. The bride had believed her little brother wouldn’t be able to attend her wedding due to his military duties. But he managed to get a 36-hour leave to travel to American Fork, Utah, for the special occasion.

The surprise was captured in a now-viral TikTok video where Watson enters a hair salon, carrying Starbucks drinks, and shocks his sister, who was getting ready. Upon seeing her little brother, the bride-to-be gasps, covers her mouth, and starts to cry. The siblings then share an emotional hug.

Morgan revealed that she had no idea her brother would be there and had even had a cardboard cutout of him made for the ceremony. The bride later shared another video with behind-the-scenes wedding photos, saying how much she cherished the moments with her brother and his fiancée, calling the day "perfection."

Source: ABC NEWS

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