Spreading Kindness at 91

A 91-year-old woman in Framingham, Massachusetts, known as “Sunny the Sign Holder,” has been standing at a busy intersection with a sign reading "Say no to racism. Be kind. Justice for all." nearly every day for the past six years. She does this during the morning rush hour, starting her day at 5 a.m. and arriving at the intersection by 7:30 a.m. Despite her age and the physical challenges, she feels privileged to see people's faces light up in response to her message.

Sunny's presence and message have had a profound impact on the community. She receives constant support in the form of honks, hugs, and kind words from passersby. The nonagenarian says people are often moved to tears when telling her how much her message means to them.

Despite not everyone reacting positively to her message and some people being outright hostile, Sunny is committed to her mission. She doesn't know how long she’ll keep up her daily ritual but believes that her work isn't finished yet. For now, she’ll continue spreading her message of kindness and unity, emphasizing that we’re all in this together.

Source: LIVE 5 NEWS

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