Marines save the day

A woman in Washington, D.C. was stranded after her car stalled in floodwaters outside Arlington National Cemetery, but some military men saved the day.Virginia Waller-Torressat in her car praying for help when she got stuck in a flash flood and less than a minute later, a bus full of U.S. Marines showed up to help.

CorporalJared Tosnerand five of his fellow Marines came over and pushed her stalled Mini Cooper to drier ground. They’re all Marine Corp Body Bearers, an elite unit that performs funeral services at Arlington, and their timing couldn’t have been better for Waller-Torres. It was an emotional rescue for her, as her grandfather is a World War II veteran buried in Arlington and her father is a Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War.

“It’s just about doing the right thing when no one’s looking,” Tosner explains. “And if people just reciprocate that and do good unto others, I think our country’s headed in a good direction.”


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