YouTuber Goes Viral With Fart Gender Reveal Video

It turns out that video that everyone was sharing and commenting about yesterday might be part of a YouTube prank. Paige Ginn posted the video on YouTube and Instagram yesterday with no explanation other than saying 'General Reveal' in the description. She never acknowledges being pregnant or if someone else in the room is pregnant either. This has led to many of the comments suggesting that she did this for laughts and an attempt to go viral which makes sense. She's a YouTuber afterall. A lot of the comments also noticed that another YouTuber named Trailer Trash Tammy also appears in the video. You'll spot her in the background at the end of the video.

Either way, it's still pretty dang funny (and gross).

Also, who the heck can fart on command like that?!

Check out my original blow about the video from yesterday here:

Woman Reveals Gender Of Baby Via Colored Fart - Thumbnail Image

Woman Reveals Gender Of Baby Via Colored Fart

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