Fry's Electronics Permanently Closing Nationwide

According to multiple reports including a store employee in Wilsonville, OR, Fry's Electronics is permanently closing.

The company is expected to make it official with an announcement Wednesday morning (2/24).

According to KRON4 it is unclear why the retail chain is closing.

Fry’s Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1985 in Sunnyvale, California in a 20,000 square-foot location by the three Fry brothers, John, Randy, and Dave; and Kathy Kolder. Fry’s is a closely-held private company, and all of the founders are actively involved in the daily operation of the business.

Fry’s was founded as a Silicon Valley retail electronics store to provide a one-stop-shopping environment for the Hi-Tech Professional. Fry’s continues to keep hi-tech professionals supplied with products representing the latest technological trends and advances in the personal computer marketplace. Fry’s retails over 50,000 electronic items within each store, now totaling 30. There are currently 6 stores in Northern California, 8 stores in Southern California, 8 stores in Texas, 2 stores in Arizona, and 1 store each in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The stores range in size from 50,000 to over 180,000 square feet. Fry’s also provides customers with added shopping opportunities via its website at

Fry's Electronics was one of my favorite electronics stores over the years and when I lived in the Sacramento, California area I shopped there all of the time. It was one of the few places you could by computer parts or any number of random electronics on top of appliances, TV's, and more. I could spend hours just browsing inside and have so many memories with my kids inside the stores.

Each store had a unique theme both on the outside and inside. The picture below is the one I shopped at in Roseville, CA that had a train crashing through the front of the store.

RIP Fry's.

Frys Electronics in Roseville

Frys Electronics in Roseville