Autistic Student Scores one for the Team!

Brandon Chuha loves basketball and his dream was to play in a varsity game and make a basket. And last week, his dream came true! The 18-year-old from Ohio has a form of autism, and he finally got the chance to play in his first Parma Senior High’s varsity game against Horizon Science Academy.

“Brandon's been our manager for three years. He’s at every practice; he's at every game; he's part of our family, and I knew it was time to give him an opportunity,” varsity basketball coach Michael Durkin says. “I knew he was kind of itching to play a little bit and the guys love him, we just wanted to see what he would do.”

Coach Durkin says the team got the ball to Brandon, who made the basket on his seventh try. “He reminds us every day the way we should live life,” Durkin said. “And we wanted to reward him for everything he gives us.” Of course Brandon was thrilled with getting to play and to score, helping his team to victory. “It felt like an NBA Finals,” Brandon says. “Emotional.”

Source: Fox 8

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