Kids get "flexible" seating!

Megan Lascik and Jennifer Crosby both teach third grade at Woodland Intermediate School and last summer they started researching how to channel their students nervous energy. After getting permission from their principal, they brought the idea of “flexible seating” to their students.

The kids in their Woodland, Washington classrooms met with an occupational therapist at the beginning of the year “to recognize their body’s need for movement” and now they get to decide where they want to sit each day. Options include bouncy yoga balls, kneeling on soft pads, and chairs that wobble and rock. If their choice isn’t working that day, their teacher helps them find a spot that works better.

So how’s it working? The students are calmer and less restless in the classroom, Crosby says. Now they have the freedom to pick a seat that lets them move while focusing on learning. Lascik feels that this year’s experiment has been a success and she hopes more classrooms can do it next year.

Source: KPTV

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