Yes, the Flight Attendants ARE judging you!

A couple of flight attendants took to the online forum Quora to reveal what they are thinking as passengers get on a plane, and they are judging youThey are looking to see whether you’re too drunk to fly, whether you’re physically fit in case they need your help with an unruly passenger, and whether you’re too ill to get on the planeThey also look for anxious flyers, fellow airline employees who could be good for an emergency, and whether you’re smuggling something on board

It’s common for flight attendants to greet you with a friendly hello or welcome when you board a plane, but their smiles may be hiding a bigger truth – they are judging you.

A couple of flight attendants took to the online forum Quora to reveal what they are thinking as passengers get on a plane, and it will likely make you question whether they are actually as friendly as they seem.

The ways cabin crew judge passengers include: 

Are you intoxicated? – Sure you may need to have a couple of glasses of wine to get you ready for a flight, or you like to start your vacation a little early, but having too many is a big red flag for flight attendants. They are looking out for drunk passengers, or ones who may smell of alcohol or pot, and if they’re too intoxicated they can be booted off the flight.How physically fit are you? – Believe it or not, cabin crew is checking you out for your strength and fitness, but not for personal reasons. One flight attendant suggests they’ll make note of a muscular or powerful passenger, who may be a good “resource,” in case they may need them during a flight, like say to restrain an unruly passenger.Do you look ill? - Let’s face it, a plane is flying tube of germs, so if you look really sick they may actually pull you from a flight to keep those germs from spreading throughout the plane.Do you look like an anxious flyer? – Cabin crew may look out for the passenger who isn’t at ease in the air so they can come by to show them some comfort. They’ll also make an effort to speak the language of some passengers to ease their anxiety about their travel. Are you an airline employee? – Flight attendants will look to see if they have any airline employees traveling with them because even though they may be off the clock, they’re considered assets especially if something should go wrong on a flight. Since they are trained and know what to do, cabin crew will make sure to know where they are sitting should they be in need of assistance.Are you trying to smuggle anything on a flight? – Flight attendants are on the lookout for people who try to bring things they shouldn’t on a plane, like say an animal in their handbag, or booze to drink during the flight. Turns out, while you can bring booze as long as it remains closed, you can’t drink your own alcohol on a flight. 

Source: The Daily Mail 

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