Man loses 500 lbs with an APP!

For years, Rafael Zuniga was trapped inside his suburban Chicago home because of his weight. In 2011, he weighed more than 800 pounds, but now he’s lost 500 pounds and he says the LoseIt! app helped him do it.

The 45-year-old man says booze and fast food were his best friends, but after his health went downhill, he decided to make changes and get healthy. The app helps him track calories, and get support from other users, but the cardio he does five times a week and the weight lifting, along with giving up fast food and alcohol, have something to do with his success as well.

Zuniga says his biggest motivator was being able to travel, which he has been doing since his dramatic weight loss. "The image of me just being by an ocean, man, that helped me out tremendously,” he says. And he plans to keep using LoseIt! And really enjoying the rest of his life.

Source: WGNTV

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