Dognapped Dog returned on Craigslist

When Jeff Holden recently lost his tiny Yorkshire terrier Dobby, he went into panic mode. The Spokane Valley, Washington resident printed and posted fliers, knocked on doors in his neighborhood, posted in lost and found groups on Facebook and Craigslist, and even took out a photo ad in a local paper. He tried everything, but even the dog’s microchip company couldn’t help.

Holden says he had pretty much given up when a stranger called him, saying he’d seen his Craigslist ad at the same time he saw an ad from a woman who bought what she thought was a Yorkie puppy, and then realized it was a tiny adult dog.

It turns out Dobby had been sold on Craigslist within 24 hours of disappearing. Holden says the person who took his dog made up a story and sold him for $100. So he got in touch with the new “owner” and was able to get Dobby back. He still doesn’t know who the anonymous caller was, but says he’s “incredibly grateful to that gentleman.”

Source: Spokesman

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