Deadly Spiders invade a Banana!

Deadly spiders ended up crawling all over a woman after she peeled a banana that had a nest on it She grabbed her seven-month-old son and fled the house It took three days for pest control to clear the house and for the family to move back in 

Next time you buy bananas at the grocery store, look very, very closely at them. But be warned, if you're as unlucky as Gemma Price, you're going to have to evacuate your home for days. 

The woman from Ireland had a close call with deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders that had gotten into her house thanks to recently bought bananas. "As I peeled the banana a white egg sac, which I hadn’t noticed before, broke and hundreds of little spiders were crawling on my hands and arms and down my pajamas," Price remembers. "I threw the banana down on the bed and they spread everywhere." 

She grabbed her seven-month-old son and booked it out of there. It took three days for a specialist to come in and kill all the deadly arachnids. 

Source: Metro 

THIS IS NOT the spider listed above but it's a video that will make you think twice before opening your banana!!

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