Naked Chicken Chips from Taco Bell?

Remember Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa, where they took a fried piece of chicken and turned it into a taco shell? Well, while those were only available for a limited time, the Mexican chain has found a unique way to bring back the best thing about it.

Starting later this month, Taco Bell is adding what they are calling Naked Chicken Chips to the menu. So what is that? Well, basically it’s their version of chicken nuggets, with the Chicken Chalupa fried shell reconfigured to look like triangle-shaped chicken pieces, similar to the look of a tortilla chip, which come with a side of Taco Bell Nacho cheese sauce. The chicken is all-white meat, and covered in “bold Mexican spices and seasonings.”

For those people who absolutely must try every new fast food item that comes out, the Naked Chicken Chips, which will be available as a six-piece or 12-piece order, will be added to the Taco Bell menu starting May 11th, and like the Chalupa will only be available for a limited time.

 Source: Mashable

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