Sisters fight back by cutting their hair

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No one comes between a girl and her sister; especially not bullies. When little Jorgia Orrick was picked on for hair she got cut short, big sister Sarah stepped with a lesson no one will forget.

She didn’t bully back, instead she went straight to the salon and got herwaist long hair chopped short! Noell Shore the hairstylist at Hue Salon had the honor of following Sarah’s instructions on how to do the cut. “She created the entire look,” says Shore. “She spoke with her hands and said, ‘I want this piece of hair to swirl around the back of my head’ and ‘I want it cut here.’ All I did was carve it.” 

While big sis was fine with losing her locks, Jorgia was upset at first. “She wanted to be the only one with short hair,” the girls’ mother explains. And now Jorgia loves it too. The bullies? Learned their lesson!

Source: Yahoo

Can I just tell you how much love I have for Sara!? She is such a cool gal with the most awesome sense of self and style! Every single thing I did today was because she was very explicit with her directions, and boy did we do some fun stuff!!!! #WeAreTheCanvas #iamme #StrongerTogether #matrixbrandambassador @matrix #MatrixOK #liveRAW 💜 AND 2 weeks ago, her hair was to the small of her back! #GoBigOrGoHome

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And here is Sara's after! She said, ' nobody bullies my little sister. And I don't get why girls with short hair are made fun of' 💞This girl is fierce and totally rocking her short hair! Two weeks ago, it was to the small of her back. Her younger sister was being bullied for her short hair, so Sara cut hers to show her love and support! She's so rad! Photo taken by @amyloowho #stopbullies #WeAreTheCanvas #matrixbrandambassador #iamme #StrongerTogether #MatrixOK #BiolageRAW #bondyourblonde #StyleLink #scissorovercomb #texture #babybangs #fringe #hattorihanzonation #girlpower @matrixusa #BehindTheChair #ONESHOT #btconeshot_haircut17 @behindthechair_com

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