Twisted Listeners who need you!

Since we're all in this's your chance to help some Twisted Listeners that need your help. (The links below go to funds for local families)

Teresa had surgery to repair or completely remove her muniscis in her left knee. She had torn her muniscis while working a year ago. Due to job neglect she had to continue to walk on it for the past year, working, taking care of her grand baby, taking care of everyone around her, etc. Over time she got worse. Finally, she had surgery and now she is struggling to find a way to make ends meet so that she, two babies, and two kids do not end up homeless. She can not bend her knee in anyway, in fact she can not put any weight on it. She is expected to be out of work for atleast three months. Anything, absolutely anything helps. Please, find it in your heart to donate something to help this struggle. God knows she deserves a little help. The kids are trying to find jobs, but daycares across the Tulsa area do not have openings in the two age groups needed; so it's making things more difficult because nobody is avaliable to help with childcare.

Preston Creekmore was in a tragic accident while working on a drilling rig on Monday, May 29th. Unfortunately his injuries were fatal. Preston is currently in the hospital on life support and is not going to make it. His wife, Tisha, has made the decision to donate his organs. By doing so, Preston has the potential to save up to 8 lives!!!Preston & Tisha have been married for 7 years. They have 3 young boys, all under the age of 10. Tisha has been a stay at home mom for the entire 7 years of their marriage. Preston was their only means of financial support. In the coming days, weeks, months, and years, Tisha and her boys are going to need our help as they learn how to live without their daddy, husband, and their rock.I ask that each of you that reads this consider helping this family in any way that you can. Preston was a great father, husband, friend, and SO much more. All shares, prayers, and donations are greatly appreciated by Preston’s family.