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Guys don't care!

We bet a lot of girls out there spend hours stressing about things with regards to their relationship, but it’s pretty apparent they should stop worrying. It seems men don’t really care about all the things girls worry about on a daily basis, and now some guys are sharing exactly what those things are. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has fellas sharing the things they don’t really care about in relationships, even though their girls really do, and after reading them, maybe gals will start to relax a little more around their man.

Among the confessions:

“Sometimes my girl doesn’t want to be intimate because she hasn’t shaved her legs. I literally couldn’t care less how hairy her legs are.”

“My gf was really scared about showing off stomach and shoulders at first because of stretch marks. I don’t see what the big deal was. None of us are perfect.”

“My girlfriend is so sensitive about her diet. She seems to think if I see her eat a French fry I’ll lose interest. I like when girls are casual about their diets. It’s easier to pick a restaurant.”

“My girlfriend worries she’s too much of a 'nerd' for me. She doesn’t realize that just makes me love her more.”

“My girlfriend always asks if I think my best friend likes her. I literally couldn’t care less. I’d ditch him before I ever ditch her.”

“My girlfriend worries she’s less attractive during her period. She couldn’t be more wrong.”

“My girlfriend hates when I talk about celebs I think are beautiful. I don’t care if she thinks other guys are hot as long as she doesn’t touch them. Why can’t I like Scarlett Johansson?”

“My girlfriend is so stressed out about meeting my family. I keep telling her it’s no big deal but she can’t let it go. But I love her so obviously they will too. Why can’t she see that?”

“It’s cute that my girlfriend is trying to learn everything about my favorite basketball team. She doesn’t realize I don’t care if she hates basketball but I appreciate the effort.”

“Relationship status: girlfriend of three years just cried because she finally farted in front of me.”“My girlfriend is mad because I haven’t updated our relationship status on FB. Seriously? Who cares? We know we’re in a relationship.”

“I just got in trouble with my gf because I wore jeans on a date and she wore a cute dress. I didn’t know I was supposed to dress up! We went to the movies.”

“My girlfriend gets so mad if I watch things on the DVR without her. What’s the big deal? I won’t spoil it.”

Source: Whisper 

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