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Slang Cheat Sheet

If you’re constantly confused by what you read on Tumblr and Twitter, you need to up your slang knowledge. So if you want to know what the cool kids on the Internet are saying, here’s your cheat sheet.

Snatched - It’s the new fleek and can be used to describe something that looks really good, from your eyebrows to your shoes.

Sus - From the word suspect, it’s how the Internet says sketchy or shady. It’s like in “Mean Girls,” when Cady gave Regina those bars to “lose weight” - that was sus.

Boots - You add boots to the end of an adjective or verb to emphasize what you’re saying. So if you’re really tired, you’re tired boots.

Sis - Sis is the new bro.

Hunty - This is a combination of the word “honey” and another not-so-nice word that rhymes with hunt. It comes from the world of drag queens and RuPaul's “Drag Race made it a popular term of endearment.

Stan - This is the Internet’s word for a hardcore fan. It’s from the Eminem song “Stan,” which is about an obsessed fan. You can also say stanning, like “He’s stanning Eminem by writing him letters.

Extra - This refers to trying too hard or being over the top. Extra could be used to describe a teacher giving out too much homework to the drunk girl stumbling around the bar at the end of the night.

OTP - It stands for One True Pairing, and your OTP is a couple you’re emotionally attached to. If you shed a tear when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up, they were your OTP.

Ship - This one comes from relationship and you “ship” the two people you wish were in a relationship. “Scandal” fans who want Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant to be together, ship them.


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