Foster Kids from Florida need YOU!

After a group of foster children were displaced by Hurricane Irma, they spent five days in emergency shelters waiting out the storm. And when it was over, their foster community had no power and no place to send them. But don’t feel bad for the kids, they ended up with an upgrade: they’re staying with a millionaire at his mansion.

Marc Bell got a call from the SOS Children’s Village Florida when they needed help finding housing for the kids. He’s on the board of the children’s shelter and was kind enough to offer the 70 foster children a spot in his 27,000-square foot home in Boca Raton.

"Today, we had manicures for the little girls," Bell says. "We got Bobby the balloon guy coming later to entertain them. Yesterday during dinner, we had a singer come who plays guitar and sang songs with them."

Bell has also set up a GoFundMe page for the foster kids. "We also need money to get their homes habitable again,” he writes. “Please help us by helping them."

Source: The Telegraph

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