It's "Bluetiful!"

Just in time for the holidays, Crayola's new blue crayon has a name. The company today announced Bluetiful beat four other finalists in an online contest that began with more than 90-thousand submissions.

Bluetiful replaces a shade of yellow called Dandelion that the company retired earlier this year. Crayola says Oregon State University scientists discovered a pigment YinMn that inspired the new blue hue. The company says we can look forward to the new crayon in time for the holidays.

Not everyone’s thrilled, however. One Facebook user took the company to task for the decision. “I’m not understanding why you are going to replace one of the only shades of yellow for another shade of blue,” writes Natasha Mills. “We already have lots of blues. I want my dandelion. I used it a lot.”

Source: Fox News

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