Hurricane Lottery Winner!

Tiffany Hatfield had a stroke of luck during a potentially tragic time. The mother of two was driving with her daughters from Florida to a family's house in Virginia. Hatfield pulled into a convenience store and decided to buy scratch-off tickets on a whim.

While standing outside of their car, Hatfield discovered she'd won $10-thousand. “I thought I was seeing it wrong,” she remembers. “I never bought a lottery ticket in North Carolina, and I thought there was no way the first time I buy one, I would win.” 

In another fortunate turn, Hatfield's Florida home only suffered minimal damage thanks to Irma. Since she doesn't have to spend the money on repairs, Hatfield says she's planning on a much needed family vacation with her kids and her husband, who is out on deployment with the Navy. “The girls haven’t seen him in almost a year and he’s coming to town in December in between deployments,” Hatfield explains. “So I think we’re going to have an awesome Christmas vacation this year.”

Source: People

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