Happy Birthday, Trisha Yearwood!!!

Garth Brooks was back with another edition of his Facebook Live series “Inside Studio G,” and this time he was more than happy to talk about his wife Trisha Yearwood,  whose birthday is today.

Garth admitted he has something big planned for Trisha’s big day, saying he’s going to have to “pick her up and carry her back in the house” after it happens. Trisha’s celebrations actually already started, with her girlfriend Mandy making her a “Whiskey to Wine” cake, which Garth said “meant the world” to Trisha. He also asked fans to send birthday messages and virtual cakes to Trisha today using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayTrisha.

Garth also mentioned his upcoming Indianapolis shows, promising something “crazy” is going to happen there, and he showed some behind-the-scenes tour footage of his tour manager Brian “Big Chuck” Kennedy.

Finally, Garth also may have spilled the beans about a possible return to Ireland, after someone asked about whether a Dublin sign that’s up in his office was a hint that he’d be returning there. While Garth gave some explanation for why the sign is there, he then ended his answer by looking right at the camera and grinning, suggesting that the questioner may have indeed been right. Check out the latest episode here

Source: Garth Brooks

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