YOU are a great lover:)

Looks like Americans have something they can be proud to boast about. A new survey reveals that folks from the U.S. make the best lovers.

The poll, conducted by the online dating company Saucy Dates, asked over 22,000 straight members to rate the last person they slept with on a scale of zero, for worst ever, to 10 for best ever, and then add that lover’s nationality.

Overall, both men and women from the U.S. topped the list as the best lovers, earning an average score of eight, although to be fair men from Australia and South Africa also scored an eight, as did women from Canada, France and Italy.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may want to think twice before heading to the bedroom with a guy or gal from New Zealand, since both sexes averaged only a four. Meanwhile, women from Australia and Spain also ranked at the bottom with a four.

Source: New York Post

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