You're turning in the them!!

Growing up most kids, especially when angry at their parents, have probably sworn that when they become adults they won’t be anything like the people who raised them, but no matter how hard they fight it, in reality most people wind up being just like their parents.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks admitting how they've now become just like their parents, and we bet a lot of people out there can relate, no matter how much they wish it wasn’t true. 

Ways people are turning into their parents include:

  • “I just told my son, ‘in or out, we aren’t trying to air condition the outside’ – I just turned into my mother.”
  • “I just told my daughter ‘if you keep pulling your face like that it will freeze like that.’ Lol I’ve turned into a cliché.”
  • “The first thing I do when I come home from school is take off my pants and crack open a can of root beer…just like ma dad would. He would be proud of me…or mortified.”
  • “I’m getting cable for my new house this weekend and I can’t wait to be able to watch news when I get home from work. I’m turning into my mom at age 24.”
  • “I lose my temper a lot with my kids and scream until I have no voice. Nothing scares me more than feeling like I’m slowly becoming my mom.”
  • “I just turned 21 and now I have a drink a drink every night before bed. My dad did this all the time growing up and I resented him for it. Now I’ve become him.”
  • “My daughter asked me to make her a sandwich. I said ‘poof! You’re a sandwich.’ My dad jokes are terrible just like my dad’s. I swore they’d be better than his.”
  • “Went to Trader Joe’s today to return an open package of $1.79 tortillas because they started growing mold on their sell-by date. This is only something my mom would do and I can’t believe I do it too.”
  • “My dad does the slow-handclap when someone does something ridiculous. I now do that. I used to think it was so annoying and I yelled at myself when I realized what I was doing.”
  • “Every time someone says ‘excuse me’ I say, ‘why did you fart?’ and instantly feel disappointed that I’m turning into my dad.”
  • “Today I told my six-year-old, ‘you have no idea how lucky you are. When I was your age…’ God help me I’m becoming my mother.”

Source: Whisper

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