Amazon Key

Amazon thinks they’ve come up with a solution to the problem of delivery men leaving packages at your door, only to get stolen, but it doesn’t seem to be going over too well with the public.

The online retailer just announced what they're calling “Amazon Key,” a service that will be coming to 37 cities on November 8th, which will allow delivery folks to come into your house when you're not there and leave your package inside. The service will be available to Amazon Prime members who buy special equipment that will open the door and monitor what’s going on, but folks still aren’t having it.

As you can imagine, people are a little concerned about what Amazon Key means for privacy, with many people creeped out by the thought of a delivery person entering the house unattended. And of course, many of those people took to social media to share their reactions, and many of them were downright hilarious. Check them out below.