Put your Phone down!!

Why Your Phone May Add To Holiday Stress-With everything we have to do to prep for the holidays, stress is bound to rear its ugly head. Your phone can make it much worse.

While we normally can’t live without our phones, unplugging during the holidays is a great idea. Even without worrying about what to buy for whom, where to go, how to handle toxic family members devices make our life more unbalanced. Let’s count the ways!

  1. It increases anxiety. The more we check them the higher it goes.
  2. It disconnects us from family and friends. You engage the phone when when you’re supposed to be hanging out with loved ones.
  3. You become a bad listener. When was the last time you heard every single word someone said to you?
  4. You trust people less. You may be unaware, but when you see people pay attention to their phone instead of you, trust erodes.
  5. You don’t deal with your feelings. It’s so much easier to escape into the phone!

Source: Bustle

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