Messy people are brilliant...I think:)

The myth that messy people are lazy people may derive from the idiom, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” In an era where organizational hacks are the rage and spring cleaning binges de-clutter minds is a popular theory, neatness is often boasted as the desired approach to business.

However, Dr. Richard A. Friedman claims that “Contrary to popular belief, messiness is not necessarily a sign of mental disorganization," he says. "Nor does messiness seem to preclude productivity: Some of the most creative and prolific people are inveterate slobs."

Other arguments that messy people are smarter include:

  1. They Use Chaos As Creative Fuel
  2. They Challenge The Status Quo
  3. They Have Laser Focus
  4. They See The Bigger Picture

Messy people create order out of chaos and continue to thrive in their chaotic environment. So, embrace the little or big mess on your desk. Cleaning it isn’t going to make you smarter.

Source: My Domain

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