People Hate these Holiday cookies!

Now that the tree is up and decorated, it’s time for one of our favorite things about the holidays: cookies! Some seasonal favorites are good enough to eat by the dozen, but others are still lingering on the plate long after the Christmas party ends. These are the holiday cookies no one really likes, but won’t admit it.

  • Jam thumbprints - Sure, they look festive, but haters say jam belongs on toast, not cookies.
  • Crinkle cookies - They don’t always turn out as pretty as the ones on Pinterest and the powdered sugar coating doesn’t really help the flavor.
  • Shortbread - Fine for a cup of tea, but they’re just a little weak for the Christmas cookie game.
  • Florentines - Their lacy edges and layer of chocolate are appealing at first glance, but when you bite into the candied orange peel, it’s too much like fruitcake to enjoy.
  • Snowball cookies - These little powdered sugar-covered goodies are so pretty, but they’re messy and the crumbly, nutty center is kind of a letdown.
  • Molasses cookies - While some love these old fashioned cookies, others complain they taste like tar.
  • Pignoli cookies - An Italian classic, these nut-filled treats are not too sweet and just not as festive-looking as other Christmas cookies.
  • Biscotti - Tasty for dipping in your coffee, but holiday cookie-worthy? Maybe not so much.
  • Spritz cookies - These dry, bland cookies are made with a cookie press and who has room to store one of those things anyway.
  • Cinnamon stars - A classic German cookie that’s lovely to look at but not sweet enough to hit the Christmas cookie bliss point.
  • Candy cane cookies - These just always end up looking like a kid’s play-doh project, not something you want to devour.
  • Sugar cookie cutouts - Unless these are topped with frosting and candy, we’re not interested.

Source: Delish