Forbes is back with a Halloween-appropriate take on their Highest Paid Celebrities list. The magazine has named the Highest Paid Dead Celebrities of 2021, and Michael Jackson has been bumped from the top spot.

Instead, British author Roald Dahl is on top, with earnings of $513-million. The creator of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” enjoyed plenty of success while he was alive, but his fortune grew a ton after his death, especially after Netflix shelled out $648-million to acquire the Roald Dahl Story Company last year.

The second spot now belongs to Prince with $120-million thanks to the deal his siblings made to sell 43-percent of his estate, including his catalog, to music publishing and management company Primary Wave. Altogether, the earnings of dead celebrities this year reached $960-million – nearly $1-billion! – which is triple the amount of last year. Check out the top ten list below and the full list HERE.

Top 10 Highest Paid Dead Celebrities of 2021

  1. Roald Dahl – $513-million
  2. Prince – $120-million
  3. Michael Jackson – $75-million
  4. Charles Shulz – $40-million
  5. Dr. Seuss – $35-million
  6. Bing Crosby – $33-million
  7. Elvis Presley – $30-million
  8. Arnold Palmer – $27-million
  9. Gerry Goffin – $9-million
  10. Luther Vandross – $21-million


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