Not sure what the words your teen throws around all the time really mean? You’re definitely not alone. Parents of tweens and teens have gotten pretty good at knowing how to decipher their kid’s eye rolls, grunts and door slamming, but some of the actual words they say may sound like another language. And that makes communicating with them even more challenging.

Luckily, the folks at “Parents” magazine are here to help with a guide to understanding popular teen sayings. This is their attempt to define teen slang so you can try to make sense of the words that come out of your kid’s mouth.

  • “Drip”: Definition - Style, especially cool and fashionable.

Example - “That kid has some serious drip!”

  • “Pog”: Definition - Cool, epic, amazing

Example - “Ooo, that game is pog!”

  • “No Cap”: Definition - Not lying

Example - “I got an A, no cap!”

  • “Sheesh”: Definition - This term has been around for a long time, but in modern slang it’s an expression for being excited or amazed by something

Example - “Sheesh! My bestie just made the game-winning shot!”

  • “Vibe check”: Definition - To assess someone or something’s energy or personality

Example - “The comment section passes the vibe check.”

  • “Hits different”: Definition - When something is surprising or unique in a good way

Example - “The new season of “Euphoria” hits different.

  • “Slaps”: Definition - Describes something excellent or amazing, often used with music.

Example - “This song slaps!”

  • “Lives rent-free”: Definition - Refers to something you can’t stop thinking about

Example - “Our fight has lived rent-free in my head for days”


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